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I am terrified of this doctor

Seven is the Chessmasteriest of all the Doctors. If you don’t like him, he will… not care, because he’s too busy engineering the downfall of a massive, corrupt, ancient civilization using a cleverly-placed thimble and his infinite reserves of searing, soul-withering sass to give a shit what you think.

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Just had the briefest moment of despair because the dark shadows are convincing me that I’m not getting the job, so of course that means I will never get any job because I am terrible at interviewing and a shitty teacher.

Like…calm down. A week ago you didn’t even know this job was a thing. They were calling references today. It makes sense that they wouldn’t immediately call about the job. 

I do like the fact that there’s only so long that I’ll have to wait. I can probably assume that if I don’t hear anything by Monday night—hell, probably even by tomorrow or Saturday—that I’ll get to see my babies again.

I just really need my own classroom. THERE HAS TO BE A PRINCIPAL OUT THERE WHO WILL GIVE ME A SHOT.

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